Intellifarm stable with 6000 pig places and weight sorting system.

Lars’s Intellifarm for Finishers will be constructed with large-scale pen with weight sorting. The Intellifarm stable at Lars is for the future of expansion prepared for Agri AirClean Air Cleaning, which reduces the impact of the stable on the environment and this future-proof Lars Jensen’s business, as production can later be doubled.

The stable contains:

  • 6000 plots in large pens to an annual output of approx. 25,000 fattening pigs
  • Hybrid ventilation – better stable climate with less energy consumption
  • High pressure cooling – cooling of the stable and bleeding before washing
  • Slurry cooling provides the heat to the stable, respectively. underfloor heating and room heating
  • Wide corridors ensure fast exit when pigs are to be delivered.