Agrifarm’s integrated air exchange system


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Your everyday work in the pig barn will be more comfortable with our patented, innovative ventilation system. Besides reduced nuisances from dust, you will also experience less noise since no ventilators are placed in the barn section, they are instead placed in the central corridor.

We have developed the innovative air exchange system with the purpose of creating an optimal indoor climate in your pig barn.

The function of ventilation and heat

The ventilation system is an integrated part of the housing system. All ventilators and ventilation dampers are placed in the central air corridor and can thereby easily be serviced and maintained. If air cleaning is required the air cleaning unit can be integrated into the building without any larger constructional changes.

The inlet of air is below floor level through the façade of the barn where the air is sucked through a heating unit which heats the air. The heat unit is the barn’s heating system and at the same time the heated air prevents down draught of cold air. The air is sucked into the barn through air shafts, is then distributed in the barn sections and thereafter it is sucked out again through air channels below the solid floor. The exhaust air is collected in a central air corridor, where all the ventilators are placed. Ventilation dampers, which regulate the ventilation level in the individual barn sections, are also placed in the central air corridor. 

With the system you get:

  • Improved air change in the barn with reduced energy consumption
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Good indoor housing climate all year round
  • Less and easier maintenance
  • A future - oriented ventilation system which is prepared for air cleaning