Agri AirClean

Agri AirClean - Air cleaner to dairy- and pigbarns.

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Profitable livestock production with Agri AirClean

At AGRIFARM we have developed Agri AirCleaner as our idea of efficient air cleaning with low power consumption. The cleaning process can be stopped and started up again with full power, and therefore particularly suitable for everything in/out on pig production

Air cleaner developed to local extraction in pigsties and cowsheds

The air cleaner, Agri AirClean, is developed to clean exhaust air from pigsties and cowsheds, and is modulop-built so that it can be adapted to the individual unit. Agri AirClean is specially developed to cope with the additional concentrated air from stables with local exhaust.

Air cleaning principle

Air cleaning with Agri AirClean happens with acid and base, and atmospheric oxidation. Agri AirClean effectively removes ammonia and odor emission from all housing types and all types of livestock.

Process Steps



Less energy consumption

Agri AirClean is designed with a small pressure loss in the interests of minimizing energy consumption and minimizing the cost of air cleaning


Larger livestock production and better bottom line with Air Cleaning

Agri AirClean has a high cleaning efficiency, and supports efficient and economically sustainable livestock. By reducing environmental impact by air cleaning with Agri AirClean, it is possible to increase the production capacity by more animals. When you collect more animals on fewer farms, increased efficiency and thus you can fit more animals with fewer employees. It benefits your bottom line.


Environmental Protection Agency - Advisory Opinion

Agri AirClean approved to clean with following removal rates:

• Ammonia 98%

• Odor 88%


You produce your own nitrogen fertilizer

Sulfuric acid binds most of the ammonia from the exhaust air and to form ammonium sulfate which separates with Agri AirClean. Ammonium sulfate (N fertilizer) enriches your manure with the "free" fertilizer.





Smart Farm management of Agri AirClean

AGRIFARM has developed Smart Farm management for all Agrifarm's housing types to cows and pigs, therefore it is natural to integrate the management of Agri AirClean in Smart Farm.

3-star New Product at Agromek November 2014

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