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We offer service and sales of spare parts for our Agrifarm Concept Barns, Agri AirClean and UTS separator.

The service can be agreed on an ongoing basis or in the form of fixed service agreements.
With a fixed service agreement with Agrifarm, you don’t have to fear unforeseen problems with your machinery or technique. With a service agreement, we’ll notify you when it’s time for a service, and should you have a breakdown, we’ll always be able to get you the part you need. Of course, we are also happy to carry out repairs on your equipment if you do not have a fixed service agreement with us.

Service and spare parts can be ordered by calling us at 30 34 56 91.


Agrifarm Concept barns

Agrifarm Concept barn service points:

When you build a new pig stable, it is a significant economic advantage for you to keep the barn “trimmed” so that it always offers the animals the best and most optimal conditions. The functionality of the barn is important for both the employees and the animals in the barn. With an annual service check by Agrifarm’s service technician, you are always sure that your barn is working as it should and with regular maintenance, the risk of major breakdowns that can mean reduced productivity in the barn is minimised.

With a service agreement with Agrifarm on your concept barn, you can be sure that the technology in your barn is always in safe hands.

Agri AirClean

Service intervals ensure stable operation.

Agri AirClean is a chemical air cleaner that effectively removes ammonia and odour emissions from all barn types and all breeds of livestock. To maintain regular and optimal operation, it is advisable that service is carried out by Agrifarm’s service technician. When the air cleaner is established due to a requirement in the environmental permit, there will typically be a requirement for 4 annual service checks carried out by Agrifarm.

The purification process is environmentally friendly and reliable

Due to the diluted concentrations of chemistry, the liquid in the air cleaner is relatively safe to work with at short contact times. The simple design of Agri AirClean means you get a reliable air cleaner without daily/weekly chores. There are no filters that need to be continuously cleaned to maintain efficient operation.

UTS Separators

Agrifarm services UTS Separators.

Agrifarm provides service and spare parts for UTS separators throughout Denmark.

Contact us for more info.

In addition to service and the supply of spare parts, Agrifarm naturally also sells the UTS separator.

The German UTP separator is integrated with intelligent and user-friendly technology, produced in long-life cast iron (FSP B) or stainless steel (FSP A), easy access to separator components for maintenance and cleaning, high efficiency and performance with low energy consumption and minimal wear, flexibility with a wide range of models to ensure versatility and an adapter to protect the gear unit

The foldable quick-release lever allows quick access to the display and screw, while cleaning and maintenance is easy via the inspection hatches.

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