Agrifarm’s stable concept for dairy cattle is developed with focus on productivity, animal welfare, less environmental impact and good logistics.

Stable system for dairy cattle with better indoor climate

The stable is wider than normal – 74 meters with 12 rows of cubicles. It provides very good logistics, including future extensions. Slated floor have been a natural choice to ensure good conditions for the cows, good slip resistance, normal hoof wear and fewer hoof problems. The building is well insulated in roof and facade, for the benefit of the animals both summer and winter. A great indoor climate during all seasons of the year.

New ventilation principle

The stable is naturally ventilated as stable for cattle normally are, but we have chosen to use light valves (adjustable window openings) to ventilate more accurately and at the same time we have floor extraction under the cubicles. The result is a ventilation principle that we call hybrid ventilation. The floor extraction is called Agrifarm Air exchange technology system. Both principles are patented by Agrifarm.

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