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The green transition is very much on the agenda in the world and it´s something we all deal with on a daily basis. Protection of the environment places high demands on the reduction of ammonia emissions and odour pollution by businesses in relation to neighbours.

At Agrifarm, we have developed several solutions that help our customers in agriculture, biogas plants, wastewater and industry achieve their green goals.

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Stable concept and air cleaning as a leader for a more climate-friendly environment

We continuously develop environmental technology to be an active part of the solution in the green transition.

The SDGs are all important to ensure that we can pass on the climate and the planet to future generations with a clear conscience. There are three of the 17 SDGs that we are proud that our environmental technology solutions help to positively impact.

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Environment and
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Environmental technology solutions for the green transition

The Agrifarm barn concept is built up to 60 m wide and is therefore wider than traditional barns. This typically results in a more square and compact building, a smaller building area and a barn layout with a good view of the animals. Together in our barn concept, several of Agrifarm’s products create an environmental barn with a focus on energy saving, reduction of the barn’s environmental impact and a healthy overall economy.

  • With Agri AirClean, for example, you reduce up to 91 percent of the ammonia that´s sucked through the cleaner. The chemicals used in the cleaning process are consumed and collected without impacting the local environment.
  • With our 0-Emissions Concept you can reduce up to 75 percent methane.
  • With our AgriManure concept you can reduce up to 46 percent methane.

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