Are you the right dealer and servicepartner for our product in UK?

We’re looking for a dealer to our Agri AirCleaner in UK. The Agri AirCleaner is a pure chemical air cleaner developed to clean polluted air from animal housing system.

Agri AirClean is a two-step vertical chemical air purifier. The air cleaner is cylindrical, has a height of 11 m and a cross section of 2.8 m. The air is supplied from the bottom of the air cleaner, where a fan is placed. The various steps of the air cleaner are placed on top of each other and are isolated from each other, however, so that the air can freely pass through the cleaner.

The Agri AirCleaner finished the test to get on the Danish BAT list. The test results is 91 % effect removing ammonia and 83 % effect for removing odor.

Take a look at our website: or contact Key Account Manager Bo Rosborg at or his cell phone +45 2166 2577.