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Agrifarm Concept for dairy cattle

With Agrifarm’s Concept stable concept for dairy cattle, you are well prepared for the challenges of the future. The conceptual style has been developed with a focus on high productivity, high animal welfare, less environmental impact and good logistics.


Stable system with better indoor climate – all year around

The stable is wider than normal – 74 meters with 12 rows of cubicles. It provides very good logistics, including future extensions, and means that your building area typically becomes smaller. Slated floor have been a natural choice to ensure good conditions for the cows, good slip resistance, normal hoof wear and fewer hoof problems. The stable is prepared for sand in the cubicles to ensure a high health status for your cows. The building is well insulated in roof and facade, for the benefit of the animals both summer and winter. In summer, insulation keeps the heat out and in winter, when the animals’ own heat production keeps the heat inside the stable.


New ventilation principle

The stable is naturally ventilated as stable for cattle normally are, but we have chosen to use light valves (adjustable window openings) to ventilate more accurately and at the same time we have floor extraction under the cubicles. The result is a ventilation principle that we call hybrid ventilation. The floor extraction is called Agrifarm Air exchange technology system. Both principles are patented by Agrifarm.

Collection amonia and odor in the slurry pit

The system is unique to an open stable because it is possible to capture most of the ammonia and odor directly at the source, under the slatted floor. Of course, the stable lives up to the sharpened legal requirements of the law (DK) on dairy cows.

Unique environmental solution – better bottom line

Agrifarm air exchange system removes up to 90% of ammonia and over half of the odors from the barn and surroundings, thereby significantly reducing the environmental impact of the emissions from the cows. When we remove large amounts of ammonia and odor, we allow you to increase the number of animals on your property. In this way, you have a unique opportunity to customize and optimize your daily operation more efficiently and take care of more animals with fewer employees. The stable can be equipped with Agri AirCleaning if you wish it or your environmental approval requires it.

Documentation with CFD

With the help of CFD modeling we have documented how stable climate, ventilation and air quality would be in the our Concept stable concept. Now that we have built the stable and it has been in operation for some time, we can observe that the stable lives up to our expectations and the owners are very pleased with the result. CFD is an advanced computer model that we have greatly benefited from the development of this stable.


Smart farm – control of light, ventilation, climate and air cleaning in one unit

Smartfarm operating system embraces the overall control, regulation and monitoring (SRO) of the entire stable. Ventilation is controlled by temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors as well as a weather station with wind direction and wind speed measurement. This ensures good conditions for the animals all year round. The floor extraction is also regulated according to how much emissions are desired to be collected and the air cleaner is controlled in relation to the amount of emissions collected. Light control is important in reducing the energy consumption to lighting intelligently, while ensuring good lighting conditions in general for the cows.


Agrifarm Concept for dairy cattle