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Agrifarm has developed the Intellifarm stable concept that benefits the environment, the animals and the economy

With Intellifarm you get a better environment, increase animal welfare and reduce energy consumption.

The stable concept Intellifarm focuses on energy saving, reduction of stable environmental impact and good overall economy. The stable type is built for large production, therefore it also has a width of 30-60 meters in the pig stables and up to 75 meters in livestock farms. It provides a more square and compact building, a smaller construction area and a stable with a good overview of the animals.

Intellifarm is equipped with a innovative ventilation principle, hybrid ventilation, where technology combines natural ventilation with a floor extraction which ultimately causes low energy levels. It is only the mechanical ventilation in the floor drain that is energy consuming.

The indoor climate, and thereby animal welfare in Intellifarm, has been significantly improved. The large air exchange / aircleaning in Intellifarm is beneficial to the animals, and the interaction between natural ventilation and floor extraction makes it possible to collect most of the ammonia and odor emissions and at the same time for hot periods to lower the heat emission from the animals with a good pen ventillation. The result of the improved indoor climate is seen in less stressed animals and a better production economy.

5 benchmarks in the development of our Intellifarm stables

    1. Production safety for the farmer.

    We choose safe and proven solutions combined with innovation, bringing livestock production to a higher level, productive and profit-making.

    1. Energy saving.

    We want to contribute to achieving a greener profile for agriculture, while ensuring a better bottom line for the farmer.

    1. Reduction of environmental impact.

    The Intellifarm stables collect most ammonia and odor emissions. Thereby, the farmer effectively reduces the burden on the local community, while at the same time achieving the opportunity to establish greater livestock production without increasing pollution and no neighboring genes.

    1. Effective logistics.

    By building wider and more square buildings, we improve the traffic in the stables, while at the same time you typically achieve a smaller construction area, ie. that the total construction fills less.

    1. Animal welfare.

    Good well-proven solutions combined with innovation in ventilation and climate contribute to increased animal welfare.