Housing system for slaugtherpigs

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slagtesvinemodel 01

When building a new housing system for slaughter pigs, an important prerequisite is how many animals you can have in your production and that the production is economically viable. With Intellifarm you get a newly developed housing system with focus on energy savings and reduction of the environmental impact - at a competitive price.

Three star Europe novelty and the Agromek Award at Agromek 2012.

Wider housing system and better indoor climate

With a width up to 60 meters, Intellifarm is wider than traditional housing systems. This typically results in a smaller construction area and a more compact building with a barn design which gives you a good overview of the pigs.

The housing system is well isolated and all pens are equipped with automatic canopies to ensure good climate conditions for the pigs. Intellifarm is equipped with light valves by the facade and on the roof of the building, which results in a large natural inflow of light.

The housing system is equipped with heat recovery and floor heating hoses in the solid floor. This provides optimal comfort for the pigs and recycling of the pigs’ own heat production.

Hybrid ventilation

The core in Intellifarm is the ventilation principle hybrid ventilation, where natural ventilation is combined with floor suction. The natural ventilation results in large savings on energy and the floor suction ensures a dust free housing environment with less ammonia and smell.

The savings on energy will result in a cheaper production and the improved housing environment supports a more efficient production, both factors influencing your earnings positively. 

Floor suction underpins your environmental approval

The floor suction has several functions. It improves the air exchange in the pigsties, it ensures a more dust free environment and it collects ammonia and odour compounds directly at the source.

The barn can be equipped with an air cleaning unit which separates the collected ammonia and odor compounds. This way the housing concept supports your chances to achieve an environmental approval with more livestock units.

Better ecconomy

When you choose to build Intellifarm for slaughter pigs, you will achieve:

  • A competitive establishment price
  • Low environmental impact with collection of 75% ammonia and 50% odor compounds
  • A large energy saving up to 60%
  • More animals in your production
  • An efficient production of slaughter pigs