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With Agrifarm’s stable concept you get a better environment, increase animal welfare and reduce energy consumption.

The Agrifarm stable concept focuses on energy saving, reduction of stable environmental impact and good overall economy. The stable type is built for large production, therefore it also has a width of 30-60 meters in the pig stables and up to 75 meters in dairy farms. It provides a more square and compact building, a smaller construction area and a stable with a good overview of the animals.

Agrifarm stable concept is equipped with a innovative ventilation principle, hybrid ventilation, where technology combines natural ventilation with a floor extraction which ultimately causes low energy levels. It is only the mechanical ventilation in the floor drain that is energy consuming.

In our concepts you’ll for example find our Agrifarm Concept stable for dairy cattle, Agri AirClean, AgriManure and Agrifarm UTS slurry separation.


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