Knud Kjær Knudsen

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We build Agrifarm Concept barns and Agri AirClean with the latest technology to help future-proof your business.

Project details


8. November 2017


Knud Kjær Knudsen, Tølløse

Project type

Agrifarm Concept pig stable for finisher

Tølløse, Denmark

Agrifarm Concept barn with 5440 stalls and Agri AirClean for ammonia and odour reduction

Knuds Agrifarm Concept pig stable for finisher incl. Agri AirClean air purification reduces the impact of the barn on the environment and thus secures the future of Knud’s business.

The stable contains:

  • 5440 places for an annual production of about 23.000 pigs for finisher
  • Hybrid ventilation – better stable climate with less energy consumption
  • High pressure cooling – cooling the barn and bleeding before washing
  • Automatic slurry disposal
  • Slurry cooling provides the heat in the barn, respectively underfloor heating and space heating
  • Wide aisles ensure quick handling when pigs are handed over.


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