Karlsborggård Project stable

We build Agrifarm Concept barns and Agri AirClean with the latest technology to help future-proof your business.


The Nilsson family runs the farm Karlsborggård south of Kalmar. The farm has been run as field and forestry for many years. Previously, there has been a small pig production on the farm. In connection with the construction of the stables, the family is in the process of a generational change

Stable design – stable concept

With the construction of the new Agrifarm Concept Stable from Agrifarm A/S, the family gets a state-of-the-art stable system where better animal welfare and working environment are in focus. The desire to reduce environmental impact is the reason why the family supplemented the stable system with the air purification plant Agri AirClean.

The stable is approx. 6,500 m2, approx. 55 x 114 m. In addition, there is a service department with staff facilities and conference rooms.

18,000 free-range pigs

The stable project has 4,900 pens with an annual production of approx. 18,000 slaugther pigs.
The pigs walk freely in large pens with 350 pigs per section in the 14-section barn. The weight system Pig Sort from Domino A/S ensures full control of the pig herd, so that optimal feeding is carried out and that sorting for slaughter takes place with the correct weight. The system is labor-saving.

Equipment and feed/feed production

Dry food is fed. With the phase feeding system from Weda, the Nilsson family has the best opportunities to feed optimally in relation to the size and needs of the pigs. Weda also provides fixtures and sprinkling/soaking.
All feed is produced at Karlsborg. It requires many silos for grain and various raw materials. All equipment in the feed barn for feed production is supplied by Neuero.

Raw house

Concrete work, steel construction and roofing work are carried out by MG bygg. Soilworks were carried out by Dan Gustavsson AB.
The client has been responsible for contracts with laying down slurry pipes and installing slabs.

Electrical and plumbing contract

In modern stable construction, the electrical and plumbing contract is extensive, and to carry out the electrical work, the client has chosen Möre El. The stable has 2 heating systems – underfloor heating and room heating. The barn is equipped with slurry cooling, which via a heat pump supplies the barn with the necessary heat. Plumbing work is done by Kalmar VVS & El montage AB.

Ventilation and air cleaning

The barn is ventilated with Hybrid ventilation from Agrifarm A/S. Hybrid ventilation combines natural ventilation and a floor extractor, as well as high-pressure cooling. The ventilation solution significantly reduces energy consumption, and at the same time a unique stable climate with less ammonia, odor and dust is achieved for the benefit of animal welfare and the working environment. The barn’s floor extractor collects most of the free ammonia when it evaporates from the slurry surface. The collected emission is fed via ducts under the floor to the Agri AirClean air purification plant, which cleans away the ammonia with high efficiency.

Slurry system is climate-friendly

The stable’s slurry system, AgriManure, locks out the slurry automatically. When the front tank is empty, the slurry release is activated, and the individual sections stand in line and are automatically released into the front tank in turn. Pig producers save time and avoid heavy lifting of slurry plugs.
AgriManure significantly minimizes emissions of the greenhouse gas methane. This makes the barn concept a climate-friendly stable system.

Grain storage and conveyor systems

3 new grain silos for storage and drying of grain for feed production and transport systems for transporting raw materials to the stable’s milling plant have been supplied by Mondus Maskin AB.

Agrifarm A/S has delivered the following to the project

  • Stable concept and design
  • Hybrid ventilation – natural ventilation combined with floor exhaust
  • AgriManure – Automatic slurry diposal
  • Agri AirClean – Air purification for reduction of ammonia emissions

Suppliers for the project

  • Raw house– MG Bygg AB
  • Soilwork– Dan Gustavsson AB
  • Storstier og Pig Sort weight sorting – Domino A/S
  • Inventory – Weda GMBA, Germany
  • Dry feeding systems– Weda GMBA, Germany
  • Mill delivered – Neuero, Germany
  • (Bedding system supplied by BoPil)
  • Electrical work – Möre el AB
  • Plumbing work – Kalmar VVS & El montage AB
  • Silos and transport systems raw materials – Mondus AB
  • Slits and slurry tank – Sundsalfa/Perstrup



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