We present our future-proof stables and air cleaning systems at the Pig & Poultry Fair. Agrifarm Concept is developed for large scale pig production.

Agrifarm Concept – Less dust, smell and ammonia

Agrifarm’s stable concept is developed for large-scale production with a focus on energy saving, less environmental impact, optimal logistics and animal welfare. Agrifarm’s stable concept is equipped with an innovative ventilation principle, hybrid ventilation, where the technology combines natural ventilation with a floor suction, which ultimately makes you get a low energy stable. Only the mechanical ventilation in the floor suction is energy-consuming.

With Agrifarm’s stable concept, you can increase the number of pigs produced, while reducing the stable’s environmental impact, and achieve great energy savings. It significantly improves your bottom line. The stable is furnished with ceiling for kip and therefore has a large air volume with many m3 of air available for the pigs.

The floor suction effectively removes dust, smell and ammonia from the barn room, creating an effective change of air in the pens, which is especially important on hot summer days to give the pigs a cool and pleasant climate, without messing in the path.

Agri AirClean – the safe choice

Agri AirClean is part of the solution for future livestock producers. Agri AirClean is the most efficient air cleaner on the market for reducing ammonia and odor emissions in all types of housing. Agri AirClean is an economically efficient air cleaner, with reasonably low operating costs.

Come by Agrifarm on the Danish stand. Have a chat with our experts about how you can improve and future-proof your stable environment and streamline your large-scale production of pigs.

We look forward to seeing you.

Bo Rosborg and Kim Albrechtsen

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