Biomass halls and biomass tanks

Air purification in biomass halls

When biomass such as deep litter is stored indoors, large amounts of ammonia and odour accumulate. However, Agri AirClean helps to alleviate this problem, as the air cleaner removes up to 91 percent of ammonia and up to 83 percent of odors!

In practice, we set up extraction units in the hall to collect ammonia and odours. It goes directly into the air cleaner, which with its high cleaning efficiency significantly reduces the emission of harmful gases and the deposition of nutrients.

Point extraction from biomass tanks

When we fill up a tank with biomass, the air containing both ammonia and odour is displaced. This air can be directed to the air cleaner via the point suction. Here, the plant cleans out most of the ammonia and odours before discharging the air.


It’s easy to keep track of Agri AirClean via our Smartfarm control system, which you can access via your smartphone, for example. The function is fully automatic and therefore does not require manual monitoring. By means of PH and conductivity measurement, the system itself ensures the supply of the correct amounts of chemistry and the draining of residues/fertiliser water. There is also monitoring of the fluid circuit and fan, and in the event of a malfunction you get an alarm immediately.

NS fertilizer

As an added bonus, the plant produces NS fertilizer from the purified ammonia.


Agri AirClean Biogas

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