Air cleaning

Clean the air in your biogas plant

Agri AirClean is a chemical air cleaning system that effectively removes ammonia and odour emissions from all organic matter. Agrifarm’s air cleaner is therefore very suitable for biogas plants, as the air cleaner removes up to 91 percent of ammonia and up to 83 percent of odours!

We’ve built Agri AirClean to be simple to use and reliable. It is a very efficient air purifier with reasonably low running costs.

High cleaning efficiency:

Reduction of ammonia up to 91%

For partial cleaning, 20% of the maximum ventilation is routed through the air cleaner. 50% of total ventilation on annual basis. This method is primarily suitable when ammonia is the challenge.

Odour reduction up to 83%

In point extraction, 10-20% of the maximum ventilation is directed via a floor extract through the air cleaner. This method collects particularly large amounts of ammonia and odours, and is an inexpensive cleaning method that improves the indoor climate in the barn.

High efficiency

The best air purifiers on the market for agriculture and biogas plants.

Environmentally friendly air purification

The chemicals used in the cleaning process are consumed and collected without any impact on the local environment.

A sustainable solution for the future

With an Agri AirClean air cleaner, you contribute to a significant reduction of harmful gas emissions and nutrient deposition.

Advantages of Agri AirClean in biogas plants

Efficient air cleaning from unloading bins and biomass tanks, significantly reducing harmful gas emissions and nutrient deposition.

The full overview of the air purification system via Smartfarm online. The whole process is automatic and you get an alarm in case of a failure.

The plant produces NS fertilizer from the freed ammonia.

You will meet the requirements for reducing ammonia emissions and odour pollution in relation to neighbours.


Agri AirClean Biogas

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