Air cleaning: residual flow for upgrading

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Effective air purification

Our Agri AirClean air cleaning system can be used not only in biomass halls and biomass tanks. The air cleaner also cleans the residual flow.

When the raw gas is upgraded and made ready for the natural gas grid, a residue of CO2, hydrogen sulphide and other odorous compounds remains. With our Agri AirClean air purifier, you can effectively remove hydrogen sulphide and other unpleasant odours.

Why Agri AirClean is the right choice for biogas plants

With Agrifarm’s air cleaning you get a simple system that is easy to use and just works.

You get highly effective air cleaning, reducing emissions of hydrogen sulphide and other air pollutants for the benefit of both the environment and your neighbours.

Agri AirClean has low operating costs.

The air cleaner almost takes care of itself via automatic control and you have an overview via online monitoring.

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