AgriManure - Fully automatic slurry disposal

With AgriManure, the slurry discharge process is automated. Saving time and creating a better working environment around a heavy task. The system is particularly suitable where frequent slurry disposal has been chosen as an environmental measure. If the slurry is delivered for biogas, AgriManure ensures a better feedstock for the biogas plant, higher methane content and reduced CO2 equivalent emissions.

Discharge with AgriManure is monitored and managed online. AgriManure logs all releases, which can be used as documentation for the authorities.

AgriManure - climate-smart slurry handling - efficient and time-saving

Agrifarm’s unique AgriManure concept for automated slurry disposal makes your working day noticeably easier. AgriManure’s efficient and environmentally friendly design gives you a better working environment and frees up a lot of time for other tasks and work.

AgriManure fits any standard slurry system

AgriManure is simple and solidly built, and fits a standard slurry system. It consists of a slurry pump with a built-in activator. The activator is BUS-controlled, which means that if the spade valve either does not open or close correctly, an error message is sent to you.

Fully automated slurry disposal from A to Z

With AgriManure, slurry discharge is fully automatic. This aspect frees up a lot of time that you can spend on other chores and tasks. The automation takes place in the way that a level meter is installed in the storage tank. When this is empty, a signal is sent to AgriManure, which then
activates the slurry discharge. All sections of the barn are queued and discharged in turn to the pre-tank.


The SDGs are all important for passing on the climate and the planet to the next generations in the best possible condition. An Agri AirClean solution helps you significantly reduce harmful gas emissions and nutrient pollution.



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