Agrifarm Concept Pigs

Agrifarm pig stable concept - Large production

With an Agrifarm concept barn, you can increase the number of pigs produced, while reducing the barn’s environmental impact and achieving significant energy savings. It improves your bottom line significantly.

Stable concept for finishers with practical benefits

The Agrifarm barn concept is built up to 60 m wide, and is therefore wider than traditional barns. This typically results in a more square and compact building, a smaller building area and a layout with a good view of the pigs.

Results on the bottom line – on several parameters

With Agrifarm’s barn concept for pig production, you see results on the bottom line – both in terms of economy, environment and animal welfare. When you build a new pig house, it is a significant economic advantage for you to build a large house with many stalls. Agrifarm Concept is designed for large-scale production with a focus on energy savings, reduced environmental impact, optimal logistics and animal welfare.

A production-safe barn

Agrifarm Concept is a production-safe barn and an attractive solution for large-scale pig production at a competitive price. The path layout can be traditional paths or large paths with weight sorting, depending on your wishes. Both types of pens have well-defined resting, feeding and activity areas, and are designed to allow the allocation of rooting and occupation material. The barn layout gives you a good overview of the pigs.


The SDGs are all important to ensure that we can pass on the climate and the planet to the next generations in the best possible condition. An Agri AirClean solution helps you significantly reduce harmful gas emissions and nutrient pollution.


Agrifarm stable concept for finishers

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