pig stable concept

More pigs, less energy and better economy

With Agrifarm’s concept for a pig stable, we can promise you that you can significantly improve your bottom line.

You can increase the number of pigs while reducing the impact on the environment. With our pig house, you’ll also save a lot of energy.

Our type of pig house is built for large-scale production and has a width of 30 – 62 metres. This gives a more square and compact building, a smaller building area and a layout of the pig house with a good view of the animals.

The Agrifarm barn concept is equipped with hybrid ventilation, which revolutionises a pig barn. We combine natural ventilation with floor extraction, which means you get a low-energy barn. Only the mechanical ventilation in the floor extractor uses energy. You can combine the ventilation with our simple
solution for air cleaning
to help you meet the environmental requirements of your farm.

Another option is the Agrifarm 0-Emissions Concept, where we combine several elements to lower odour and ammonia emissions from the barn. The solution gives you a slurry with a higher gas potential and the possibility to allocate more straw to the pigs.

Five focus points in the Agrifarm pig stable

Production safety

You get safe and proven solutions combined with innovation that takes production to the next level.

Energy saving

Our pig stable use less energy, which is good for the environment and helps the bottom line.

Less impact on the environment and reduction of emissions

Agrifarm's barn concept collects up to 75% ammonia (collection x cleaning efficiency) ex. 75% x 91% = 68% reduction of ammonia, plus 65% odour (collection x cleaning efficiency) ex. 65% x 83% = 54% odour reduction. You therefore effectively reduce the impact on the local environment. It also means you can set up a larger production without increasing pollution and neighbouring genes. You also get a better working environment in the barn.

Efficient logistics

By building wider and more square buildings, we improve the daily traffic in the stable work, and at the same time you typically achieve a smaller building area. The total construction therefore takes up less space.

Animal welfare

Ventilation and climate control are just some of the areas in the Agrifarm pig house that contribute to increased animal welfare.

Invest in the pig stable of the future

If you need to build a new or renovate your pig stable, we will be happy to discuss the options with you. It is very important for us that our customers get the solution that suits their farming.

Please contact us if you are interested in a chat.

You can also watch this video, where our customer, farm manager Jens Jacob L. Nielsen, talks about his experience with our barn concept

If you want to know more, you can also read more about the different elements of our pig housing concept below.

Large production with good overview

We build Agrifarm barns up to 62 metres wide, which typically results in a more square and compact building. This means a smaller building area and a barn layout that gives you a good view of the pigs.

Less energy consumption and better indoor climate

The Agrifarm pig stable is equipped with hybrid ventilation, which combines natural ventilation with a floor extractor. We have chosen this combination because it is efficient and reduces energy consumption significantly.

The barn is designed with a ceiling to the roof and therefore has a lot of air available for the pigs. The large air volume contributes to the good barn climate both in summer and winter, without dragging the pigs.

Production reliability and familiar layout

The Agrifarm barn concept is a production-safe solution for large-scale production of finishers at a competitive price.

The layout of the paths can be traditional paths or large paths with weight sorting, depending on what you want. Both stitch types have well-defined resting, feeding and activity areas, and are designed so you can provide them with rooting and occupancy material.

The barn layout is designed to give you a good overview of the pigs.

Optimal conditions for piglets

All paths in the pig stable are equipped with adjustable covers to provide optimal climatic conditions for the piglets to stay warm. The covers make it possible to operate with a slightly lower house temperature for the benefit of animal welfare and health.

Heat in your pig stable

Heating pipes in the solid floor provide the basic heating in the slaughter pig house, and ripper pipes at the front windows provide space heating and ensure air intake without draughts on the pigs. Slaughter pigs appreciate heat, partly because it lowers humidity in the barn.

Less dust, odour and ammonia

The floor extractor effectively removes dust, odours and ammonia from the barn and creates good air circulation in the paths. Air exchange is especially important on hot summer days to provide the pigs with a cool and comfortable climate, without mess in the path. This leads to better animal welfare, which has a positive impact on your production.

Of course, the cleaner stable air with less dust also means better working conditions for you and your employees.

Floor extractor supports your environmental permit

On average over the year, 75 percent ammonia and 65 percent odour are collected. If you also connect the floor extractor to air purificationmeans that you can typically get an environmental permit for a larger production because you pollute the local environment less.

Automatic slurry discharge

Slurry discharge from the pig stable is automatic in our barns. This means less odour pollution from the barn, and makes your daily life easier by avoiding heavy and time-consuming lifting of slurry plugs.


Keep an eye on ventilation, lighting, climate and air purification in one unit

With Smartfarm, you control, regulate and monitor your barn’s ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling. You can control it all from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

If there are error messages, you will receive them by SMS or email, depending on what you have set it for. Air purification control is integrated in Smartfarm.

Smartfarm gives you the overview wherever you are. This frees up time for other important tasks!


Agrifarm Concept pig stable

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