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Boarding house with possibilities

With Agrifarm’s dairy cattle concept, you are well prepared for the challenges of the future. We’ve designed a barn with a better indoor climate, whether it’s summer or winter.

We build wide stables of 74 meters with 12 rows of cubicles. This provides a good overview and excellent logistics in the building – also for future expansions. At the same time, it means that your building field will typically be smaller.

We have chosen columns as a base for our cowshed to ensure good conditions for the cows. Splits provide good slip resistance, normal hoof wear and fewer hoof injuries. The barn is also prepared for sand in the cubicles to ensure a high health status of your herd.

A good indoor climate is important, which is why both the roof and the facade are properly insulated in Agrifarm’s barn. This provides better conditions for the animals, as the insulation keeps the heat out in summer and keeps the animals’ own heat production inside the barn in winter.

Our customers can also opt for the Agrifarm 0-Emissions Concept, where we combine several elements to lower odour and ammonia emissions from the barn. The solution gives you a slurry with a higher gas potential and the possibility to allocate more straw to the cows.

We have developed our cowshed with a focus on:

High productivity

When animals are well, productivity increases. Our barn is designed to give animals the best possible conditions to thrive.

High animal welfare

A good surface, cleaner air and an appropriate temperature keep cows healthy in Agrifarm's barns.

Less environmental impact

Agrifarm's patented ventilation and floor extraction removes up to 90 percent of ammonia and odor emissions in barns. This provides a better indoor environment for the cows and the possibility to expand with more animals.

Good logistics

The stable is designed to give you the best overview and to make it easy to carry out tasks in the stable.

cowshed with better indoor climate

If you are considering building a new cowshed, please contact us for a no-obligation discussion. Together, we’ll create the right solution to fit the needs of your farm.

If you want to see more, you can read here about the stable we built for I/S Spangsberg in Skjern

You can also read more about the different elements of our cowshed concept below.

New ventilation provides cleaner air

The Agrifarm barn is naturally ventilated, but we use light valves, which are adjustable window openings. This allows you to ventilate more precisely. We also build a floor extractor under the cubicles, and the combined solution is unique for an open barn. This means that we can capture the vast majority of ammonia and odour emissions directly at source, under the slatted floor. The barn of course complies with the stricter legal requirements of the law on keeping dairy cattle.

We call the ventilation principle Hybrid Ventilation, and the floor extractor is called Agrifarm Air Purification System. Both principles are patented by Agrifarm.

Unique environmental solution – better bottom line

The air purification system is the best technology on the market for collecting ammonia and odour emissions from cowsheds. The company AgroTech has carried out a proof of concept of the system in 2010 to prove the high efficiency of the air cleaning system. The test shows that on average over the year, the system captures 75 percent of ammonia, and that there is potential for as much as 90 percent.

When we remove up to 90 percent of ammonia vapours and over half of odour emissions from the barn and the environment, you significantly reduce your herd’s environmental impact. It also means you have the option to increase the number of animals on your property.

This way, you can organise and optimise daily operations more efficiently and look after more animals with fewer staff. The barn can be equipped with air cleaning if you wish or if your environmental permit requires it.

Better barn climate means a better bottom line

Less ammonia in the barn means a noticeable improvement in udder and hoof health. Your cows are likely to reward their improved health with higher performance and a lower vet bill.

Keep an eye on ventilation, lighting, climate and air purification in one unit

Smartfarm control system gives you the overview of the overall control, regulation and monitoring (SRO) of the entire barn in one unit. The system regulates ventilation using temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, as well as a weather station that measures wind direction and speed. This provides good conditions for your animals all year round.

You can set the floor extractor to capture the amount of emission you want. The air cleaner is controlled according to the amount of emissions collected. The lighting control lowers energy consumption for lighting, as it ensures that light is only available when needed.

Control your barn with the Smartfarm app

With Smartfarm, you control, regulate and monitor your barn’s ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling. You can control it all from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

If there are error messages, you will receive them by SMS or email, depending on what you have set it for. Air purification control is integrated in Smartfarm.

Smartfarm gives you the overview wherever you are. This frees up time for other important tasks!


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