Climate-smart slurry management

2 Climate-smart slurry systems with the same purpose - to reduce the climate impact and make your everyday life easier. Can be used in all types of stables.


Disposal once a week

0-emmison Concept

Disposal once a day

Frequent release of manure from the pig stable for finisher reduces the climate impact and gives you as a pig producer obvious benefits in everyday life.

How much do our slurry systems reduce the emission of harmful gases from the pig stable for finisher, see below:


46% Methane

20% odour

0-Emission Concept

75% methane

75% ammonia

70% odour

Easier everyday life and better working environment for you and your employees.

AgriManure and 0-Emission have many advantages for you:

Reduced time consumption

All the time you save on slurry disposal can be spent on more important tasks in your farm!

Improved working environment

You and your employees avoid the heavy lifting of manual slurry disposal.

Less odour

When slurry is discharged at frequent intervals, there is also less odour.

No incorrectly inserted slurry plugs

You avoid the problem of slurry plugs inserted incorrectly.

Online monitoring and control

The whole process is automatic, so you can simply keep track via your online monitoring. You will be notified immediately if the system requires servicing.

Automatic Log

Each slurry discharge is recorded in the system, so you can easily pass documentation to the relevant authorities.

Reduction of gases

Frequent slurry disposal also reduces the amount of ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gases.

Achieving a better feedstock for biogas

If you deliver the slurry for biogas, with AgriManure and the 0-Emission Concept you get a better biogas feedstock containing much more methane which gives a much better value for the biogas plants.

AgriManure and 0-Emission - the unique concepts for the modern barn

If you would like to know more about slurry spreading with AgriManure or the 0-Emission Concept, you are always welcome to
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You can also read more about the different elements of our slurry management solution below.

How does the release work – AgriManure

The slurry is discharged by installing a level gauge in the storage tank. When this is empty, a signal is sent to AgriManure, which then activates the slurry discharge. All sections of the barn are queued and discharged in turn to the pre-tank.

Watch video here.

How does reintegration work – 0 emission concept

The plant combines 2 known technologies – one line winch and one vacuum pump system. The line winch delivers the slurry daily in a hopper, after which the vacuum pump sucks the slurry out of the funnel to a small tank at the end of the barn. When this tank is filled, the slurry is pumped on to the front tank. Everything is done fully automatically and without manual work.

With the vacuum pump, we do not need cross-channels across sections. This reduces the risk of infection and improves the ventilation of the individual sections. The vacuum pump can handle many line winch systems and suck over long distances.

Overview and documentation – AgriManure and 0-Emission

We’ve built AgriManure simply and solidly to fit a standard slurry system. The system itself consists of a slurry trap with a built-in activator. The activator is BUS-controlled. This means that if the spade valve either does not open or close correctly, you will get an error message immediately.

The automatic release with AgriManure and 0-Emission can be monitored and controlled online. From here you can pull documentation that the release has been made.

Delivering a better slurry for biogas

Biogas plants are interested in fresh slurry. Fresh slurry contains up to 80 percent more methane than old slurry, which is why it should be turned out once a week. You can set AgriManure and the 0-Emission Concept to discharge the slurry on the day it is collected.

Better working environment

With AgriManure and the 0-Emission Concept, you avoid the manual work of discharge and the heavy lifting of slurry plugs. This saves you time and improves the working environment for you and your employees. Then the time and effort saved can be spent on other tasks!

Save time with automatic slurry management

Discharging slurry manually is heavy work, and it’s also a place where you can easily save time. We offer the AgriManure solution with automatic slurry discharge, which creates a better working environment for you and your employees. At the same time, it’s good business, as you free up time for other and more important tasks.

See here an example from a barn with approximately 5,000 trail sites, where there will typically be approximately 80 slurry disposal points.

Climate gain with frequent discharge

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that is 25 times more powerful than CO2 and therefore reducing methane emissions is an important climate action. Frequent discharge of slurry from pig houses will contribute to reduced methane emissions in the slurry, and lead to increased methane production at the biogas plants that subsequently treat the slurry.

Our 2 solutions for slurry disposal are particularly suitable for farms where frequent slurry disposal has been chosen as an environmental measure.

In combination with the Agrifarm 0-Emissions Concept slurry management, where we combine several elements to lower odour and ammonia emissions from the barn, it gives you a slurry with a significantly higher gas potential and the possibility to feed more straw to the pigs.

Control your barn with the Smartfarm app

With Smartfarm, you control, regulate and monitor your barn’s ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling. You can control it all from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

If there are error messages, you will receive them by SMS or email, depending on what you have set it for. Air purification control is integrated in Smartfarm.

Smartfarm gives you the overview wherever you are. This frees up time for other important tasks!


AgriManure and
0-Emission Concept

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