Air cleaning

Ventilation with air purification system in your barn

More animals on fewer production units, better bottom line and still cleaner air for the benefit of both animals and humans! If this sounds interesting to you, then you should read more about our Agri AirClean system.

Agri AirClean very effectively cleans the air of ammonia and odours in all types of livestock housing. The cleaner is particularly suitable for point/floor extraction where the concentration of ammonia and odour is particularly high.

We’ve built the system in modules, so you get the solution that best suits the needs of your barn. When we design new stables and air purification systems for our customers, we always do so in close dialogue with the customer. Because then the solution meets both the needs of the farmer’s everyday life now – and in the future.

We have developed Agri AirClean with a focus on:

Higher productivity and bottom line gains

With Agri AirClean, you can have more animals on fewer production units for higher productivity

Effective in open barns

We have developed our ventilation and air purification systems for open barns, and therefore low temperatures are not an obstacle to air purification

Cleaner air for employees, animals and neighbours

Cleaner and odourless air in the barn means better animal welfare and better working conditions for you and your employees. At the same time, the neighbours will also be spared the strong odours from the stables.

Own production of NS fertiliser

As a bonus, the plant produces NS fertilizer from the purified ammonia and chemistry

The full picture on your phone

Agri AirClean requires no manual control and monitoring, and you have full control via our Smartfarm online management system, which you can access on your phone, computer or tablet.

Get efficient ventilation and air cleaning

If you are interested in learning more about our Agri AirClean system, please feel free to contact us.

You can also read more about our simple and effective air purification system below.

The development of Agri AirClean

We started developing Agri AirClean when we started selling barn concepts. We didn’t think there was a solution on the market that was simple and effective enough. Today, we have installed our own air purification system at many customers and we get lots of satisfied feedback.

For example, take a look at this Agri AirClean barn project we built for Peder Rasmussen in Lystrup.

Hybrid ventilation

Agri AirClean is designed to be used in open barns, including cowshed, and therefore low temperatures are not an obstacle to air cleaning.

The system is designed in such a way that the cleaning process can be restarted with full effect after a stop. Therefore, the air cleaner is particularly useful in all in/out production of, for example, pigs for finisher.

Increase production

The air cleaning with Agri AirClean reduces the impact of the barn on the environment and allows you to expand your herd. You can concentrate more animals in fewer production units to make the best use of resources and staff.

You also get your own NS fertiliser as a by-product of the ammonia and chemistry removed, so Agri AirClean is economically sustainable in many ways.

Keep track via Smartfarm

Agri AirClean is fully automatic and does not require manual control and monitoring. You can keep track from the Smartfarm online control system, which you can have on your phone, for example.

For example, the system itself monitors PH and conductivity measurements to control the supply of the necessary chemistry and the draining of the purified emissions (manure/waste). There’s also automatic monitoring of the fluid circuit and fans, and should a failure occur, you’ll be informed immediately.

Control your barn with the Smartfarm app

With Smartfarm, you control, regulate and monitor your barn’s ventilation, lighting, heating and cooling. You can control it all from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

If there are error messages, you will receive them by SMS or email, depending on what you have set it for. Air purification control is integrated in Smartfarm.

Smartfarm gives you the overview wherever you are. This frees up time for other important tasks!


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