About us

From October 1st 2013 we have taken over all activities in the MT Hoejgaard Agricultural Division, which include the unique concepts for dairy and pig housing systems with additional prize winning and patented environmental technologies.

Since the establishment of the Agricultural Division in 2007 we have developed unique animal housing systems and not least a range of innovative environmental technologies, which have won the Agromek Award in their categories in 2009 and 2012 as well as the EU Environment Award in 2012.

We are very happy that MT Hoejgaard has chosen to sell the agricultural activities to us, so that we get the opportunity to continue the development and sale of our unique products – both nationally and internationally.

We have chosen to establish AGRIFARM in Agro Business Park to be close to, perhaps the best research in the agricultural sector, where there is fierce focus on entrepreneurship and innovation in agriculture, food, bioenergy and environmental technology.

Agro Business Park, Niels Pedersens Allé 2, DK-8830 Tjele

Web: agrifarm.dk/en



The story about AgriFarm



    • September 2016 started construction of number two Intellifarm for 5400 finisher pigs at Knud Kjær Knudsen, DK
    • November 2016, started construction of number tree Intellifarm to 4930 finisher pigs at Peder Rasmussen, DK


  • June 2015, Initiation at the finish build Intellifarm finisher barn at Kim Kjær Knudsen


  • October 2014 we started the first Intellifarm to finisher pigs at the Danish farmer Kim Kjær Knudsen


  • October 1st: Agrifarm takes over all rights from the Agricultural Division in MT Hoejgaard
  • Agrifarm moves into Agro Business Park


  • Awarded with the EU Environment Award 2012 for our air exchange technology
  • Winner of the Agromek Award in the pig production category
  • Three star novelty at Agromek – the housing system for slaughter pigs with hybrid ventilation
  • The fourth patent application is sent in - SmartVent© which covers hybrid ventilation for animal production
  • Milk production starts up in the first housing system for dairy cows


  • The first dairy housing system is sold to the brothers Spangsbjerg in Denmark
  • Smartfarm® management system is installed in the first housing system for sows and piglets
  • The development of a combined ammonia and odor filter for open dairy housing systems begins


  • Air exchange technology is tested in existing dairy barn near Hobro in Jutland, Denmark
  • Test results for the air exchange technology – Proof of Concept
  • Strategy from 2010 to 2015 is approved
  • Development of control parameters for sows and piglets is finalized
  • The third patent application is handed in, the intelligent slurry plug ©


  • Winner of the Agromek Award 2009 in the ‘Cattle’ category
  • 3 – star Europe novelty at Agromek, air exchange technology © for open dairy cattle housing systems
  • 3 – star Europe novelty at Agromek, SmartFarm ®
  • The second patent application is handed in, air exchange technology © for animal production
  • Test unit for production of sows and piglets is build in Kibæk in the Western part of Jutland


  • We begin the development of the animal housing systems based on our experiences from industrial production and logistics
  • The bar was intentionally set high from the beginning in relation to production economics, animal welfare, energy consumption and environmental impact
  • We participate in Agromek for the first time
  • We hand in the first patent application which is conical slurry channels © for animal production


  • The idea is born – our assessment is that there are fewer farms with considerably more animals which requires larger construction units
  • The goal is clear – we do not want to develop what already exists
  • The private member organization Realdania launches a competititon about the farm of the future, where we are pre – qualified in 4 out of 6 farm constructions. We achieve one 1st place, two 2nd places and one 3rd place in the competition. Unfortunately the construction of the farm which won 1st place is never realized due to the financial situation.