Pioneering pigsty opens south of Kalmar – welcome to the open house on 2 June !

Pioneering pigsty opens south of Kalmar - welcome to the open house on 2 June !

Karlsborggaard logoKarlsborgs Gård is restarting its pig farming in a brand new house for free-range slaughter pigs indoors. The aim of the orientation is to provide the best conditions to promote the highest possible animal welfare, clean local environment as well as good working environment.

The latest technological solutions are handpicked to enhance and streamline key elements of the farm’s new venture. These include automatic spreading, self-draught ventilation and ammonia treatment of the manure. The treatment will minimise nutrient leakage, which benefits the local environment and provides fresh air for both animals and humans.

The pigs are free-range indoors, have free access to feed and weigh themselves. The concept is specially designed and unique in Sweden. Careful research has been done on leading farms in Sweden and Denmark.

  • We have developed our dream barn and look forward to contributing with sustainable and safe meat for the future food supply, says Ove Nilsson, farmer at Karlsborg Farm.

Now the fourth generation is stepping in, with daughter Nina Nilsson taking over the running of the slaughter pigs.

  • I want to continue to manage and perpetuate what my family has built. We believe in this type of modern farming, where the pigs thrive and the barn can be shown every day of the week,” she says.

The first slaughter pigs arrived at the farm in early March 2022 in a collaboration with the nearby farm Glasholm in Halltorp. These are serogrys, which are free of common infections for healthier animals with good growth through low use of preparations such as antibiotics. This means a high level of infection control and strict hygiene practices in the herds.

An important part of circular thinking is that most of the feed for the animals is grown and prepared on the farm. To find a sustainable alternative to protein feed, Karlsborg is one of the first farms in Sweden to

experimenting and growing the new crop of haystack beans. In addition to pig farming, plant cultivation is also carried out on around 300 hectares, where the manure from the pigs is used for the crops.

Open house arranged at Karlsborg on Thursday 2 June 2022

Tour of the new piggery from 10am to 3pm.

Contact details for questions, more information and interviews are:

Ove Nilsson, Karlsborg Farm, mobile: 0702492989. Nina Nilsson, Karlsborg Farm, mobile: 0736361103. Email:

Address: Karlsborg 120, 38892 Ljungbyholm.

Poul Erik Christensen, Agrifarm A/S, supplier of the Danish concept stall.

Mobile: +45 3034 7968


More information is available at:

Press photos are free to use for publication upon request.

Facts about Karlsborg Farm

Location: the farm is located about 2 miles south of Kalmar, just outside the village of Ljungbyholm in southeastern Småland.

Run by: Ove and Margaretha Nilsson since 1974. The eldest daughter Nina Nilsson is responsible for pig farming.

Background: Karlsborg is a family farm since 1920. Another farm unit is located in Hundshyltan outside Påryd, about two miles from the farm centre.

Production focus: New investment in pig farming starting March 2022, crop farming and forestry. Pig farming has been carried out on the farm for 50 years.

Area: cultivates 300 hectares of arable land (of which 250 hectares owned and 50 hectares rented). Forestry on 350 hectares.

Crops: Autumn wheat, autumn barley, autumn rape, autumn barley, rye, seeds for canning peas, field beans.

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