Meet us at the Loop fair 27-28 April

Meet us at the Loop fair 27. - 28 April

LOOP – Waste to Resources is the Nordic region’s new leading event for waste, resources and circular economy. Agrifarm will participate on 27-28 April 2022 at the Locomotive Workshop in Copenhagen.

The event focuses on solutions and innovative business models as well as circular value chains with the aim of reducing waste and making better use of resources. Technologies and solutions that rethink production with minimum waste and the way we collect, treat and use waste and resources.

Come and hear about WTR AirClean

From Agrifarm we present our air cleaner WTF AirClean which can be used in both rural and urban areas, for the waste sector and for biogas plants. This type of air cleaner has been developed as an air cleaner for all types of agricultural stables, but due to its size and high efficiency, it is also a very suitable choice of air cleaner for both waste water, waste and biogas plants.

WTR Airclean very effectively cleans odour emissions on all types of biological waste being recycled.

WTR AirClean allows treatment plants to operate the treatment plant as odour-free as possible.

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