Internship – Internship for building designer

Internship - Internship for building designer

AgriFarm Construction A/S is looking for students to help with construction management on our construction sites. We carry out the tasks in total contracts or large contract, including. Agrifarm concept for the slaughter pig house and supply and installation of Agri AirClean cleaners in several locations in Europe and

What demands do we make:

We are looking for professional bachelor who has skills in construction, construction management, preparation of drawings and documentation for our construction cases.


You will be part of the AgriFarm team, where everyone will have the opportunity to contribute to the solution of specific tasks in the company. We have very short lines of communication where everyone is heard.

What do you get out of the collaboration:

  • Practical experience in a concrete task of construction management and documentation for the construction case.
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to a concrete project – planning/management.
  • Be part of an attractive office environment.
  • Flexibility – the project can be adapted to your wishes in terms of content, scope and time.

About the company:

AgriFarm was established on 1 October 2013 by Hans Jørgen Pedersen and Erling Friis Pedersen.

AgriFarm will continue all the agricultural activities that started in MT Højgaard back in 2007, including concepts for pig housing and air purification as well as related award-winning and patented environmental technologies.

Over the years, we have developed unique barn concepts and, not least, a number of innovative environmental technologies that have won several awards, such as the Agromek awards in 2009 and 2012 and the EU’s Environmental Award in 2012.

Our office address is: Busbjergvej 61, 8850 Bjerringbro

Find out more about the company here.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a few lines about why you think it sounds interesting to Hans Jørgen Pedersen can also be contacted by phone 3034 7168.

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