Agrifarm barn concept wins sustainability award in Sweden

Agrifarm barn concept wins sustainability award in Sweden

Animal welfare, climate and environment are thought together in Anders Gunnarsson’s concept pig production, Hålbarhetsgrisen, in Danish housing system. For this, “Halla Farm” wins a Swedish construction award. Agrifarm has delivered the barn concept behind the success. We are extremely proud to be a part of this, and congratulate Anders on this prestigious award. Read more about Anders and his concept pig in the article below.

Article written on 30 October 2021 by World’s Best Food

Swedish pig producer wins sustainability award with Danish housing system

At Swedish fifth-generation pig farmer Anders Gunnarsson, the pigs can go outside. Their protein feed is produced on the farm in Sweden, their slurry ends up in the farm’s own biogas plant, and their manure is filtered to minimise ammonia emissions from the barn.

For this concept, the “Hålbarhetsgrisen”, “Halla Farm”, as Anders Gunnarsson’s farm is called, has just received the “Lantbrukets Affärers Byggnadsstipendium” with the reason:

“Anders Gunnarsson at Halla Farm combines a concern for the animals’ well-being and a good stable environment with a well thought-out solution using self-produced feed and biogas production, which makes the farm more than self-sufficient in electricity and heat. A concept that does not sacrifice productivity but is based on well-functioning pigs that grow fast and leave a minimal climate footprint.”

Agrifarm concept barn-award winning

Anders Gunnarsson is a 5th generation farmer at Halla Farm in Sweden.

Agrifarm’s barn concept behind the success

The barn design itself was supplied by the Danish company Agrifarm, which Anders Gunnarsson first heard about in 2018.

– Anders had an idea to develop a concept pig for Swedish consumers in cooperation with the butcher HK Scan. He heard about our barn concept through a local machinery dealer, and when he had seen our barn system working well in Denmark on one of the hottest days of 2018 and heard how we could reduce his emissions, he was on board immediately, says Product Manager Poul Erik Christensen, Agrifarm.

He congratulates Anders Gunnarsson many times on the award.

We are very proud to be part of the “Climate Crisis” project. It is visionary and a fully deserved recognition of Anders’ concept from idea to execution. And of course we also recognise that Agrifarm’s barn concept is perfectly suited to the Swedish market and not least to climate-friendly solutions for pig barns,” says Poul Erik Christensen.

Watch the video about the concept pig here:

Facts about the stable
  • 3520 places for an annual production of about 14.800 pigs for slaughter
  • Hybrid ventilation – better stable climate with less energy consumption
  • High pressure cooling – cooling the barn and bleeding before washing
  • Automatic slurry discharge
  • Slurry cooling provides the heat for the barn, respectively underfloor heating and space heating
  • Wide aisles ensure quick handling when pigs are handed over.
  • Read more about Anders’ concept pigsty here
Halla Farm in Sweden

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