Agrifarm A/S – Open Stable event in Farsø

Agrifarm A/S - Open Stable event in Farsø

Open slaughter pigsty v/ Henrik Mortensen

Thursday d. 9 September 2021
10.00 – 16.00
Ejstrupvej 20, 9640 Farsø

Mayor Per Bach Laursen will give the opening speech at 11.30
us and be inspired!

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7,500 places for fattening pigs – full-line

Pig producer Henrik Mortensen is building a new barn for 31,000 pigs for slaughter. He goes from producing piglets for export, back to full-line production. Henrik Mortensen bought Falde Overgaard near Løgstør in 1993. Until 2014, he expanded with continuous purchases of properties and extensions.

In 2016, he applied for a grant to modernise the pigsties. At that time, he received a grant that has resulted in him changing his previous strategy and today building the new slaughter pig house. The property where the barn is being built is perfectly located for the project, where Henrik was able to get environmental approval to build the new 31,000-pig facility by installing slurry cooling and separating the slurry.

Indoor mechanization

The new barn is an Agrifarm concept barn of 7,500 stalls in large alleys with weight sorting, dry feeding, automatic straw distribution and automatic slurry discharge. Inventory, weights, feeding system and hall equipment are supplied by Big Dutchman.

Big saving in construction price

The barn is built in “light” building materials in facades, section walls and logistics corridor, which has resulted in a significant saving on construction.
The Agrifarm concept barn, at approximately 6,100 m2, is equipped with:

  • Hybrid ventilation with significantly lower energy consumption
  • Bright and work-friendly barn sections with a focus on the good barn climate with less ammonia and odour – for the benefit of animal welfare and a good working environment for employees.
  • Prepared for air cleaning via the floor extractor, if Henrik wants to expand his production later.
  • AgriManure, which automatically discharges slurry frequently. As a result, the slurry Henrik delivers for biogas contains significantly more methane and thus has a higher value.

Article from Efficient Agriculture

Effective Farming has interviewed Henrik Mortensen about the construction of the Agrifarm concept barn. In the article, Henrik Mortensen talks about his thoughts on the strategy, the advice he received during the decision-making process and the choice of Agrifarm’s concept barn.

Contact Agrifarm

Poul Erik Christensen
Tel. 3034 7968

Video: Henrik returns to full-line production

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