Agrifarm A/S – Open barn Stensager Svin I/S

Agrifarm A/S - Open barn Stensager Svin I/S

Open Stable - 25.6-2020

at 10.00 – 15.00

Svoldrupvej 173, 9600 Aars

Stensager Svin I/S in cooperation with Agrifarm A/S, Big Dutchman A/S and other suppliers will hold an open barn event on Thursday 25/6, 2020 from 10:00 – 15:00.

6,000 places for fattening pigs – full line

Demonstration of Intellifarm barn with 6,000 stalls, 1,000 stalls per section. With the construction of the barn, Stensager Svin I/S will become a full-line producer.
A feed store with a mill has been established in the extension of the barn, as well as grain storage and raw material transport in connection with the barn

Great paths and weight sorting

At Stensager Svin I/S, they have chosen to equip the barn with large trays and weight sorting. A solution that is not so widespread in Denmark yet, but which, from an animal welfare point of view and the possibility of collecting production data, has the potential for wider use.
The Intellifarm barn is climatically and production-wise very suitable for large barns, because the hybrid ventilation system is independent of how the pigs are housed in the section and there is no mess on the solid floor.

Drone photo: Carsten Haahr

Relevant data

The weighing varieties are equipped with colour marking and prepared for recording the pigs at individual animal level. Stensager Svin I/S (Lars Jensen) thus expects to be able to use data to optimise production

Alternative building materials

The greenhouse is built in alternative building materials to make the barn project cheaper. Great emphasis has been placed on the finish for the durability and use of the barn. Exciting news that is worth watching for those who want to reduce construction costs and still achieve a solid build.

Pigs move in mid July 2020

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of June 2020 and the first pigs are expected to be introduced by mid-July 2020.

Feature in Efficient Farming

Effective Farming has followed Lars Jensen and his farm in the construction process of Agrifarm’s Intellifarm barn. A serial has come out of it which can be read at the link below. Here’s a bit about what Lars thought when choosing an Intellifarm barn from Agrifarm and the building process.

Feature_Efficient_Farming_Stressing Pigs_Lars Jensen

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Pictures from Stensager Svin I/S

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