Press release re. Agri AirClean

Press release re. Agri AirClean

Agri AirClean now approved as BAT technology

Over the last 6 years, we at Agrifarm A/S have developed this new air purifier technology, where we have succeeded in one process, first to remove ammonia and then odour emission.

The first 4 pcs. Agri AirClean air cleaners were installed in 2015 at Kim Kjær Knudsen’s newly built slaughter pig house with floor/point exhaust. In 2016, 4 more Agri AirClean units were installed at Knud Kjær Knudsen’s newly built slaughter pig house. These 8 Agri AirClean were then subjected to extensive testing by Seges Pig Production for inclusion on the Danish EPA’s technology list. “We are very happy to have the Kjær Knudsen family as test hosts”, says Development Director Erling Friis Pedersen.

The Agri AirClean air cleaner is now officially listed on the Danish technology list and approved for use in all pig houses and for all groups of pigs.

Agri AirClean has been tested on point extractors, where the concentration of ammonia and odour is particularly high, and is therefore a particularly robust technology for removing ammonia and odour. The approval includes air cleaning on the following:

  • Floor extractor/point extractor
  • Full cleaning of stable air (100% air cleaning)
  • Partial cleaning of stable air (typically 20% of maximum ventilation)

Agri AirClean is approved as the best environmental technology.

Agri AirClean is a chemical 2-step air cleaner that in one process removes ammonia and odour emissions very effectively. Agri AirClean is approved with the following cleaning levels:

  • 91% ammonia
  • 83% odour

Environmental permits with point suction can now be used

A number of environmental permits have been granted in the last 2-3 years using point source technology. Since December 2018, the Danish EPA has blocked the application of these environmental permits. Now these environmental permits can be put into practice by including the Agri AirClean air cleaner

Livestock projects can be carried out without changes to environmental permit

“We estimate that the environmental technology used in the environmental approval can be replaced by Agri AirClean without any problems, because the cleaning effect of Agri AirClean is the highest on the market”, says Product Manager at Agrifarm A/S Poul Erik Christensen. It therefore has no impact on pig farmers’ plans and the scale of their housing project, nor does it make the housing project more expensive.

Combination of point suction and Agri AirClean – affordable environmental technology

When you combine point suction with Agri AirClean, you only need to clean 10-16% of the air. This makes air purification an inexpensive environmental technology, and much cheaper than, for example, purifying all the air in a barn

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