First export order goes to Sweden

Agrifarm has now landed the first order outside Denmark.

Agrifarm A/S has signed an agreement with farmer Anders Gunnarsson, Kvänum in Sweden, to build an Intellifarm barn of approximately 4,200 m2 in 2019. The Intellifarm barn at Anders has been prepared so that air purification can be established to minimise ammonia load and thus the Agri AirClean® air purifier can also become part of the project in the long term.

Fast start of construction. Construction will start as soon as winter sets in successfully in March/April, and should be completed by the end of the year. “We are very pleased that we have now succeeded in spreading the Intellifarm® barn concept to Sweden” and look forward to getting started with Anders Gunnarsson, says Product Manager at Agrifarm Poul Erik Christensen.

Anders Gunnarsson sees great potential for the Intellifarm® barn concept in Sweden, which he believes meets a number of the requirements and wishes Swedish consumers have for pig farming, including plenty of light and a focus on high animal welfare.

“We visited Agrifarm and saw the barn at Peder Rasmussen near Aarhus, last summer. I was very excited. Even in this hot period, we experienced a barn with a significantly better barn climate than what we normally see. I had no doubt that this was the stable I wanted”, says Anders Gunnarsson.

Export strategy Export is part of our strategy, both for the Intellifarm barn and the Agri AirClean air cleaner. We are therefore very pleased that we have now succeeded in selling the barn concept to the Swedish market,” says CEO Hans Jørgen Pedersen.

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