Future-proof stables & air purification systems

With Agrifarm’s concept barn you are future-proof with high animal welfare, a good working environment and a healthy overall economy.

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Take a virtual tour of Agrifarm concept barn

Take a virtual 3D tour of one of our concept barns. On this virtual tour you can see for yourself how we ensure high animal welfare, a good working environment and a healthy overall economy.

With Agrifarm’s barn concept, you get a better environment, increase animal welfare and reduce energy consumption. The Agrifarm barn concept is equipped with an innovative ventilation principle, hybrid ventilation, where the technology combines natural ventilation with a floor exhaust, which ultimately results in a low-energy barn.

Agri AirClean is the safe choice for future-proof agriculture. Agri AirClean is the market’s most efficient air cleaner for
reduction of ammonia and odour emissions in all types of livestock housing. The Agri AirClean air cleaning system is even a unique solution for biogas plants and tanks.

Fully automatic slurry disposal to improve your barn environment. Saving time and creating a better working environment around a heavy task. The system is particularly suitable where frequent release has been chosen
of slurry as an environmental measure. If the slurry is delivered for biogas, AgriManure ensures a better raw material for the biogas plant,
higher methane content and reduced CO2 equivalent emissions.

About Agrifarm

We build Agrifarm Concept barns and Agri AirClean air cleaners with the latest technology to help future-proof your business.

Click into our “About Us” page to see a timeline of some of Agrifarm’s milestones.

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