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Agrifarm Concept for finishers

HYBRIDFARM is a Market Maturation project for AGRIFARMs resource efficient, animal friendly and eco-innovative slaughter pig production farm.

Agrifarm_Society_Pig_Farmers_AnimalsPig farming stakeholders and their concerns are the strategic foundations of Agrifarm’s core company values and mission

The HYBRIDFARM project is financially supported by EASME – EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

The project has a duration for 24 months during which period 2 Agrifarm Concept stables must be constructed, documented and showcased. Knowledge about the benefits of the Agrifarm Concept stables for end users and the surrounding society will be spread, giving AgriFarm a quantum jump into the future international marketing of the Agrifarm Concept stables. The Executive Agency for Small and Medium- sized Enterprises (EASME) under the power delegated by EUROPEAN COMMISSION (Horizon2020) helps small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) bringing their new products to the market faster. The aim is to promote growth, employment and export, particularly for SMEs, because this group of enterprises will create the major part of future innovations.


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